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A good brand stands out. The BEST brand fits in.

Yes, STANDING OUT from the crowd is a good thing - but your brand should also FIT IN with what your target audience wants, expects and aspires to.

Your brand needs to hit the right emotional note with the people you want buying from you to ensure your brilliant company gets noticed, attracts sales and builds a loyal following of repeat custom.

So leave it up to me! It's my job to make sure all your company promotional materials - whether in print or on-line - hits that right emotional note for success!

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Hi there, my name is Mary and I’ve been a branding consultant and graphic designer for over 30 years.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a large array of businesses in that time and have gained a huge amount of knowledge about how, and why, consumers buy.

Put quite simply it's all about emotion - your brand needs to speak to your target audience on an emotional level.  I use a blend of research and creativity to make sure your business “brand” is making that all important emotional connection with your target audience.

And it's not all about total rebranding. If you are happy with your logo, or existing company visuals, I can help strengthen what you already have and ensure consistency in your message.

It would be my pleasure to be your “branding coach” - and turn your brand into an extra sales force for your company.


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Brand Investment

Building a brand is just like building a business - it takes time and careful consideration. When you started your business you didn't think up a product or service and just HOPE that it sells - you invested time and money into getting everything right for your target market, making adjustments and improvements along the way. It's exactly the same with a brand. A great brand should speak directly to the people you want buying from you and also be creative and flexible enough to grow as your business does.

My brand packages can suit any size business at any stage of their growth journey.

If you're a new business you can make the best investment ever in the Big Brand Day package, and take any of the other packages as and when appropriate. The more established business might like to invest in the Premium or Ultimate Brand package - which includes everything a company might need to take their business forward.

I can also tailor bespoke packages to suit any branding project.

A word of caution! I never EVER "automate" - so I won't be asking you to fill in a questionairre (to save me time) or ask a series of email questions (to shoe-horn you into a template). I only work face-to-face with clients so that I can get a good feel of personality and values. It takes a bit longer - but it's well worth it!


Work examples

Here are a range of projects recently completed.

Remember - you don't always NEED to go for a compete re-brand. Sometimes an exisiting logo might need a bit of a refresh


"The Branding Coach (Mary) has been instrumental in raising the profile of our company. Mary came up with some amazing ideas for rebranding - even re-naming the new company! We entrusted her to design everything - from gift vouchers to bus livery - and she didn't disappoint once. Mary always goes that extra mile - and clearly loves what she does. Here's to a very long and successful relationship!"
Warwick Hulme, MD, Bristol Insight

"I'd like to thank Mary for all her help in getting my business off the ground. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity are a joy to work with. Would not hesitate to recommend The Branding Coach to any start-up business!!! Best way to kick off a successful business."
Philip Arnel, MyVegBox, Bristol

"A big 'thanks' to Mary. I have never worked with a designer before so was a little intimated. Mary put me at ease immediately - very friendly, honest and open. She designed a great logo and set of adverts - which really stands out against other gardeners advertising in the local paper. I have had a lot more enquiries since using the new logo... and get some great comments from my customers!"
Conrad Purvis, GardenWorks, Bristol


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