My Process ... or "Menu"

Pre-branding aperitif... Free, no obligation

I will research into how your competitors are representing themselves online and in print - and make suggestions on how your's can be better! Won't cost you a penny... honest... just an hour of your time. Please sign up on the Home Page for a work-sheet on identifying the profile your ideal customer and target market.

Appetiser... Focus, direction and planning

I always start a creative project by getting to know the company that I'm working with. I would like to take an hour or two of your time and visit your premises, ask some questions and get to know who your ideal client is. It can sometimes be a tricky process (and a tiny bit 'hippy') but if I can get a good feel of WHY you are doing what you do it would be very helpful in establishing the right emotional connection with said target audience.

I will put together a detailed report outlining how we can get the desired outcome, with timelines and costs. 

Main course... Creative, bespoke design

Armed with the knowledge about your company I'm now in a great place to start getting the crayons out! I will work-up up to four branding concepts before taking your preferred one forward for further work. Whether it's a print project, or an online project, I NEVER use templates. All designs are unique and tailored to your exact needs, with websites being programmed from scratch enabling them to grow with your company.

Dessert... your brand in action

Now for the exciting bit! Your smart new logo will be on your posh business cards, your website getting some serious traffic and your leaflets prompting people to pick up the phone! You will be reaping the rewards of paying proper attention to your business brand. Whether you need a full branding/re-branding service, or help in separate areas, I will always be on hand to give extra advice and help if you need it. I'm more than happy to be your "brand manager" on a continuing basis - taking care of your social media posts, web updates and reprints when needed. Of course, all of this comes with regular management reporting, so you can see that it's working!


Finally, this process is all about partnerships. Time and money are too precious to waste so, if I don't think I can help you, I will tell you. Likewise, if you feel that our partnership isn't exactly what you need then we can shake hands and go our separate ways... with whistful thoughts of what could have been! 

The Team

I work with a team of small businesses and freelancers to bring about great design, web production, social media promos, marketing needs and superb print quality.

Using small businesses and freelancers works wonderfully for me and my clients - I can choose exactly the right designer or web programmer to fit each job. This means that I can achieve 100% exactly what my clients need every time without having to pass on the cost of large overheads.

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